Organize Your Tools With a Speaker Magnet





Introduction: Organize Your Tools With a Speaker Magnet

For over a year, I have been using a round speaker magnet with a makeshift stand, for retaining and organizing my small screwdrivers and other precision tools. I finally decided to improve it, because there was an annoying overhanging lip on the magnet which made it hard to use. I never intended this to be an instuctable, but the end result looked too darn good to keep to myself. So I apologize that the instructions are very poor, as they are all done in hindsight.

Step 1: The Magnet

Warning! I have discovered that using a carbide cutter on iron creates very sharp metal splinters which adhere to the magnet. I advise using safety glasses and rubber gloves.

This is the magnet. I wish I had a "before" pic. The magnet it a double ring type, with a metal core. There is a ferrous metal disk attached to the top, which was rather annoying because it was larger in diameter than the magnet, itelf. Originally, it had a urine-yellow and very bumpy surface to it. I used a dremel tool and carbide cutter to mill away parts of the surrounding lip, so that the tools can lay flat around the circumference of the magnet. Noticing the nice brushed steel look where I cut, I decided to resurface the top of the magnet, too. I used the carbide tip to roughly remove the protruding center piece that used to be on the magnet, as well as the four pins that were slightly raised. (You can see a few tool marks where I cut too deep). Then I smoothed it by rubbing it over 200 grit sandpaper over a pane of glass. It looked so good, I decided I had to trash the hotmelt glued flyswatter handle contraption that I had hitherto used as a mount. Something else sprang to mind. Now if I could just find it...

Step 2: The Stand

I had dismantled an old inkjet printer several months ago, and it contained a very heavy steel rod and metal gear. For some reason I thought it would come in handy some day. That's not the surprising part. The amazing thing is that I managed to actually find it when I needed it.

Step 3: Fini

And there it is. I wrapped the magnet in white paper to add a little protection against chipping. The handle will slide around left to its own, so I used a drop of superglue to keep it in check.

Again, sorry for the lack of detailed instructions. I hope this at least gives some ideas to my fellow aimless tinkerers out there.

Step 4: Another Gratuitious Cat Photo




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you said you cut grooves into that top piece of flat steel?

What about an old bicycle front sprocket??
It already has the grooves in it & spaced accordingly....all you MIGHT have to do is shine it up but that would be purely optional.

Just a thought....

I like this, ya did good Sir! :)

As soon as I get back home to Indiana, I think I'll make me one or 3

Its really nice trick to use old speaker magnets this way to keep metal tools organised. Thanks to share!

Great Idea!! I have some old, gigantic car speaker boxes w/ 15" subs someone gave me. I'll have those puppies disassembled and mounted by tomorrow!!

Awesome idea! I'm going to build one of these contraptions!

Whats that cat doing up there?

its looking at you like"Get me down you dope."

Nope. My cats go up there for a change up scenery. Or when they've done something wrong and they know I'm mad.

ha yeah how many cats do you have? i have 2 cats(one of the cats where found newborn and then we raised it)