Introduction: Organized Bookshelf

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This is to help those people who constantly scroll through Instagram or Tumblr and see all the beautiful bookshelves and want to replicate it <3

Step 1: Take All the Books and Decide How to Categorize It

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Decide how you want to organize your books and separate them into smaller groups. You can organize it for either aesthetics or function. Here are some of my recommendations:


-rainbow order (my favorite)

-by size

-hardcover and paperback


-by author

-read and unread


Step 2: Organize Your Small Groups

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After deciding and separating your books organize your smaller groups until you're satisfied. For example, since my books were separated by color I organized each small group from darkest to lightest.

Step 3: Order the Smaller Groups Together

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Take your small groups and place them back on the shelf. Figure out what order makes you the happiest.

Step 4: Have Fun

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Play around with the orientation of some books. Place some little trinkets around your books to bring life to it and really bring it all together.


Swansong (author)2017-07-22

I think the photos of the rainbow setup look pretty but I'd never be able to find what I was looking for. I have them arranged by category like a book store.

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