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Step 1: What You Will Need:

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Decorations, Things That You Like, ect.

Step 2:

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Start by putting some of your stuff on your shelf. Space your things out to make it look nice.

Step 3:

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Then take some more stuff/decorations and put them on the other side of the shelf. Remember to space them out to make it look nice.

Step 4:

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When you finish your Organized Shelf, show your friends or relatives what you made. Then do it again!


Buckfoot (author)2014-03-18

I like the spartens

Meganicknap (author)2014-01-24

Thanks but you got to agree that the Spartans are better than the Wolverines!!!

jwotring (author)2014-01-11

Awesome! Love the Tigers pennant but the MSU one can go. Go Blue!

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