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Introduction: Organizer From Old Container


I was trying to reuse of old edible oil container and I found a link on Pinterest ( showing making file organizer from a used milk cane. Here are the steps.

Hope it's useful.

Step 1: Mark the Container According to Desired Curve, With a Marker. I Used Sketch-pen.

Step 2: Do Marking on All the Sides Using a Measure Tap .

Step 3: Make 1st Cut. You Can Use a Paper Cutter.

Step 4: You Can Cut and Remove Both the Angular Portions, If You Want. Rinse and Wash It Clean. Now I Will Decorate This With Gift Wrappers or Colorful Papers.

Step 5: The Removed Handle Part Will Look Like This.

Step 6: One More Removed Portion Will Look Like This. You Can Still Reuse It to Make a Toy or Bird-feeder or Anything Your Creativity Suggest.

Step 7: A Bird-feeder Will Be Hanged From My 5th Floor Apartment With the Help of a String.



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    Thanks for Pinterest!

    This would probably work well with the plastic jugs kitty litter comes in, as well. They're large and fairly sturdy, and to clean them out just requires a little rinse, since cat litter is just ground-up clay.

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    yes, right.