Orgrim's Deflector


Introduction: Orgrim's Deflector

The knex version of the world of warcraft tanking sword Orgrim's Deflector

Note the fact that i wont build any alliance weapons ;)



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    I don't see why, and you are a hypocrite. First off, you keep saying I'm a noob and when I say what I think about others you tell me I can't do any better, and when I argue back you say I'm just trying to start another argument. The only reason you posted that comment was to annoy me.

    It is typical of a noob because it's in caps, lots of exclamation marks and generally implies that you can't build from the pictures. Also most people wait patiently. I never said you were a noob at all. I implied that your statement was typical of those who you appear to despise. I only comment on the arguments that you've already started, until just now when I noticed your failure. I never said that you can't do any better, I said you haven't proven it. And yes, the only reason I posted that comment was to annoy. The same reason you've openly admitted to starting all of these arguments.

    :D. I was starting to get pxssed until I read the last two sentences. I don't 'despise' of noobs, I despise of the way they expect to be treated like a 3 year old when he tries to play the flute in front of his parents. I don't usually build a lot (compared to what a lot is, I build about 3 of others creations to 1 of my own every 3 days) of my own stuff, and lots of it is generic with only small amounts of innovation, then after I build about 10, I put together the innovative bits on a generic gun design, kind of like what Ob did with his Z35, just smaller projects, then every 3 of my roundups (they are the guns which are made of the innovative bits) I mix them all together. I am currently building an ASTR which is the best around, and the reason I say so is because of my idea. The idea originated from other knex guns, where sometimes people borrow triggers, or do something of the sort. So I thought, why not borrow the best from the best? E.g, the ZLG's sliding trigger, with killerks barrel, with the spiriani rifle V2s (bendy rod) stock, the Ghost mag system (where the top of the barrel is in the mag itself allowing you to keep mags loaded with the mag pusher in action and not have the bullets fly out) and top it off with Ob's switch safety from his Z35. Not all of them worked, but some of them worked really well, and so currently I have all of the things mentioned up there, AND its bolt action (thank you Zak, again) so I'm also putting Moez mag release on it from his Cheytac Intervention. Its kind of a build up really, I will have a few more things posted before this is finally finished and built with knex (I've been using MLcad).

    That sounds a bit much, but i hope it works for you, because that would be awesome :o by the way, turret guns are where it's at now. It would be better for your to build a turret gun because there is simply no malfunction ever with a turret unless it actually breaks. If you can think of a new and more efficient repeating system then please use that instead. (btw i'll stop arguing now, it's getting boring for me and probably for you :P)

    Turret guns seem too bland. I build complex mechanisms, not cheap turrets, to me turrets have been done a gazillion times before, all with no improvements, and have been perfected to the very best possible= TR-18. I'm trying to build a new Z35.

    Are you aiming for a war gun or something fun? All those features you mentioned are better for war guns, but Z35 was meant to be an assault rifle with many features to have fun. Don't go for a new Z35, build something with a completely new concept.

    I was under the impression that the Z35 was the best war assault rifle created (- the TR18), and all knex guns are fun to me except for the turret ones. The mech they have is just too bland, so unless it has dual turrets (or something similar in innovative terms) then It just doesn't really impress, and muzzle loading 18 shots into a turret and then firing them just doesn't appeal. I was building a chainfed minigun with Selez, and the barrel only had one axle point but he decided to quit because he wasn't going to get skype which we needed to discuss how we were going to build it, so for now its back to my ASTCR (carbine, I don't like barrels, they are just pointless, piece wasting, and most reduce range). I'm also trying to build a SPAS-12, which is like a pump action bolt action but with a horizontal mag. Have a look at the mechanism. It loads the bullet into a separate chamber, so I might change the bolt to a pump.

    Z35 is not by any means the second best war-assault rifle created at all. It was made to be a playing gun. Its realoading isn't very practical for a war as you need to hold the pusher down as you put it in. Also it jammed a lot for me both times i built it. If I were you I'd make the Spas 12 a shotgun like it really is. if you were to intergrate the mag into the pump somehow it would be awesome and wouldn't have any impact on the shape.

    The SPAS-12 shotgun model is what I'm trying to do, except I might use string for the pump and have the stock in a fixed position.

    To me "Fun" is shooting very powerful shots and not having to worry about the gun failing or jamming.