Introduction: Origami 3D Transforming Ninja Star

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Step 1:

You need 1 piece of one color square paper,4 pieces of a different colored square paper,and 4 pieces of another color paper

Step 2:

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Fold one color of paper about to here

Step 3:

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Flip it over

Step 4:

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Make the crease along the bottom edge

Step 5:

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Unfold the bottom part

Step 6:

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Press another piece paper up to the top of the crease

Step 7:

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Fold the green paper to the edge of the blue paper

Step 8:

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Turn the paper 180 degrees and repeat the last step

Step 9:

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Turn the paper 90 degrees and fold up so the crease meets the bottom edge

Step 10:

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Fold the bottom corners to the two middle lines

Step 11:

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Fold where the dotted black line is and repeat on the other side

Step 12:

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Fold so that the top edges of the corners you folded in are touching the crease

Step 13:

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Unfold the crease you just did and you should have something like this

Step 14:

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Push where that black dot is and it will look like this

Step 15:

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Step 16:

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Step 17:

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Once you have connected all the pieces it will look like this

Step 18:

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Lightly push on the sides and you will get something like this

Step 19:

Lightly pull on the sides to get it back to the frisbee form

Step 20:

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Atom3773 (author)2014-11-04

so much instructions....

Anime Hearts (author)2014-06-30

There is a must different way to make the Pineapple Ring Ninja Star

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