Picture of Origami Ball
This going to teach you how to make one of those cool origami balls.
Let's get started.

Step 1: The First Step

Picture of The First Step
Place a square piece of origami paper on a hard surface, color side down. Fold paper in half, corner to corner, like a taco. Crease and unfold.
irule1233 years ago
This is in mini weapons of mass destruction!
that is a oriagami water bomb to make a ball just crumple paper into a ball lolz
Its a cube
grcl506 years ago
awesome so easy steps
Love2eat6 years ago
Awesome! this is so cool. Some of the best instructions ever! Nice job! :D
hockys16 years ago
Itsmellsliekfeet (author) 6 years ago
It might not be very good so if your going to say something mean, don't even post.
this is really cool, and the instructions that you gave were great! but while diagrams like the ones included here are great for when you did a project and didn't take pictures, nothing really compares to a photograph of a real person and a real project.
Itsmellsliekfeet (author)  mynameisjonas6 years ago
I have a camera but it doesn't upload to my computer
1arrow246 years ago
You can actually fill this with water and throw it. Paper water bomb
Itsmellsliekfeet (author)  1arrow246 years ago
Thnx dude