Origami Ball





Introduction: Origami Ball

This going to teach you how to make one of those cool origami balls.
Let's get started.

Step 1: The First Step

Place a square piece of origami paper on a hard surface, color side down. Fold paper in half, corner to corner, like a taco. Crease and unfold.

Step 2: The Second Step

Repeat the fold in Step 1 using the opposite corners. Crease and unfold. Your creases should make an "X" on your paper.

Step 3: The Third Step

Fold paper in half like a hot dog bun by taking the top edge to the bottom edge. Crease well.

Step 4: The Fourth Step

Holding the left side of the paper down, push the right folded edge down and in so that it tucks into the center. Flatten. Repeat with the left folded edge.

Step 5: The Fifth Step

Take the bottom right point of the top layer triangle only and take it up to the top of the triangle. Crease. Repeat with the left side. You should have a diamond shape on top now.

Step 6: The Sixth Step

Take the right point of the diamond and fold it in to the center line. Crease. Repeat with the left point of the diamond.

Step 7: The Seventh Step

Notice that the folds you made in Step 6 created two pockets. Just behind the pocket is a triangular flap of paper. Tuck that flap into the pocket as far as you can. Do this for both sides.

Step 8: The Eighth Step

Turn origami over. Repeat Steps 5, 6 and 7 on the other side.

Step 9: The Ninth Step

There is a small opening or hole in one end of the origami. Rotate the paper so that the origami is at the top.

Step 10: The Tenth Step

Place your index fingers between the flaps on either side. Blow into the hole...

Step 11: The Eleventh Step - COMPLETE!

...The origami expands and you have made a paper ball!



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    You can actually fill this with water and throw it. Paper water bomb

    heh, heh, heh.

    True :) But it's close enough

    This is in mini weapons of mass destruction!

    that is a oriagami water bomb to make a ball just crumple paper into a ball lolz

    awesome so easy steps

    Awesome! this is so cool. Some of the best instructions ever! Nice job! :D