Introduction: Origami Bamboo Sleeve and Yoke Dress

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Hello everyone..... although i have been subscribing to instructables, I have never made one myself. When I saw this contest, I thought this is a good opportunity to start with.

I have tried to explain the best I could but this is a very confusing pattern and this instructable is preferable for those who have prior pattern drafting and sewing knowledge.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  • Paper for drafting (any paper will do including newspaper)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • masking tape
  • pins
  • scissors
  • fabrics - I have used 2 different fabrics which I had at hand. However, it is preferable to use a solid colored fabric to enhance the bamboo effect
  • basic extended bodice and sleeve pattern

Step 2: The Sleeve (pattern)

Picture of The Sleeve (pattern)
  • Take your basic sleeve pattern..... for this style to be enhanced , you need to have long sleeve (which I hate so I went with the shortest possible length with 6 bamboo slants)
  • Decide on the number of bamboo slants you need and number them from the hem line

Step 3:

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  • Cut line 1 till the edge but not completely
  • Insert a triangular piece of paper +- 12 cm at the base
  • Stick with masking tape
  • Draw over the lines
  • Pin the triangle at the line and fold the pleat
  • Cut the excess at the hem and side seams

Step 4:

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  • For bamboo slant no.2....... cut along the top edge of the first pleat until the line 2 intersection
  • Cut along line 2 till the edge
  • Follow same instructions as you did for line 1

Step 5:

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  • Go along line by line working your way up towards center of sleeve

Step 6:

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  • Finish all 6 lines .... at this point... I found that the pattern overlapped and I couldnt place it flat on the fabric so i added one more slit at the center and made another small pleat so that I could lay the pattern flat without overlap

Step 7: Sleeve (Cutting on Fabric)

Picture of Sleeve (Cutting on Fabric)
  • Pin on fabric (you will need lots of pins)
  • Cut the pattern out on fabric
  • DO NOT stretch the fabric while moving it to the ironing board
  • Iron the pleats (you can do without ironing also)

Step 8: Sewing of the Sleeve

Picture of Sewing of the Sleeve
  • Sewing of the sleeve is done in the reverse order of drafting..... that is .... you start sewing from the top (the last pleat) and move downwards towards the hem
  • Details of sewing the individual pleat given with the yoke

Step 9: Yoke

Picture of Yoke
  • I made 5 bamboo pleats for the yoke
  • The method is same as the sleeve
  • Cut each line, add triangular piece, fold and cut excess

Step 10: Yoke on Fabric

Picture of Yoke on Fabric
  • Pin the yoke pattern on fabric and cut

Step 11: Sewing of Yoke

Picture of Sewing of Yoke
  • Like the sleeve, we start sewing from the last line (the 5th one)
  • The first pleat (the fifth line) is not done like the bamboo pleat because it is too close to the neckline
  • Therefore I made it like a dart with the excess on the right side of fabric
  • Fold the 4th line,pin it (see the pic above)
  • Fold the fabric upwards and sew a thin seam to secure the pleat

Step 12:

Picture of
  • Follow the same step for the next pleats until you finish all 5
  • Sew the right lower corner to secure the last pleat (the last pic)

Step 13: Bias Band

Picture of Bias Band
  • Take thin piece of fabric on the bias
  • Place a thick thread and sew the bias band

Step 14: Attach the Bias Band

Picture of Attach the Bias Band
  • Line the bias band on the edge of the yoke
  • Iron the yoke with bias band

Step 15: Bodice

Picture of Bodice
  • Take extended bodice pattern
  • I have made zig zag hem
  • Cut on fabric

Step 16: Attach Yoke to Bodice

Picture of Attach Yoke to Bodice
  • Pin the yoke on the bodice pattern
  • Sew top stitch on the sides

Step 17: Attach the Shoulders

Picture of Attach the Shoulders
  • Pin the shoulders
  • Sew the shoulders
  • Overlock the seams to give a neat finishing

Step 18: Neck Facing

Picture of Neck Facing
  • Neck facing is cut for the front and back neck for the bodice
  • The shoulder part of the neck facing are joined together and the edges overlocked
  • Pin the neck facing to the main bodice right side to right side, pin the pieces
  • Sew around the neckline
  • Snip the seams so it is neater when you reverse it
  • Understitch the neckline, iron it
  • Hem the neckline

Step 19: Hem

Picture of Hem

  • I used the yoke fabric for the bottom part of bodice
  • Pin the zig zag and top stitch
  • I used the border pattern on the fabric at the hemline
  • Sew the side seams upto the zig zag only (as I wanted to make a side slit)
  • Fold and finish the side slits

Step 20: Final Piece

Picture of Final Piece

I thoroughly enjoyed making this project and hopefully you will too when you replicate this origami bamboo pattern.

Thank you for your patience :)


RichD24 (author)2016-04-20

Awesome Design

FinnyH (author)2016-04-20

Awesome work...

Surya Sibi (author)2016-04-19

Nice dress. All the best. ??.

Rashmi Suresh (author)2016-04-19

Awesome work

ShareefaT (author)2016-04-19

Excellent instruction. Very easy to follow

KaviP7 (author)2016-04-19

Very nice

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-04-17

Very nice dress design. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you

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