Origami Bird





Introduction: Origami Bird

in this instructable i will show you how to make an origami crane bird(?)

Step 1: Before You Start

before you start this is not simple dont get frustrated if it isn't working just add a comment and i will try to help

you need:
@1 square piece of paper as thin as posible@common sence @2 hands

that is all you need!

Step 2: Making It

here is the video:

or you can use the instructions below
note: make sure every fold is straight and sharpnote2:there are 2 pages of instructions!



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     This is the wrong way to make the classic crane bird.

    there is no 'classic' way, there are several different ways,
    you might want to explain what's 'wrong'...

    sorry that was my sister

    im having  trouble on the last row forurth step

    plz heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllp

     its the same as the step before it, just on the other side, try downloading the original file(click the i on the image), it's much larger...

    srry but i dont get the hole thing dont take this wrong but its kinda dum

    it doesn't have a hole!!!

    now updated with new instructions!

    thanks dude its awesome!