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Introduction: Origami Box With Interlocking Flaps

Here I will show how to make a box that can be closed just like a cardboard box. That's like a box and lid all from one piece of paper, pretty efficient if you ask me! Because this box can be closed, it makes a great container for holding stuff you don't want falling out or as creative wrapping for small gift.

Some of the fold are difficult to photograph and explain so I tried to show multiple angles. There are also photo comments that may be helpful. 

If you're successful in making this box, please post the picture in the comments below, yay! 

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to make a bunch of crease lines to use later.

-fold a cross into the paper then unfold

-fold an x into the paper then unfold

-fold the corners into the middle then unfold

-fold each corner to meet the fold opposite it that was made in the last step then unfold

Step 2:

The box will now begin to take shape as the sides are brought up. 

-bring in the v-shape as shown in the first two pictures

-fold the flap and part of the v-shape away to help keep it together

-continue the same steps on the other sides until you get the shape in the last two pictures

Step 3:

The box is now boxy and all that's left to do is to finish the flaps. 

-fold the left side of the flap to meet what was part of the v-shape from earlier

-fold the flaps back and forth a few times to help the box keep its shape

Done! To close the box simply put one flap down at a time and tuck the last on over, just like you would a cardboard box.

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got it, but oh that final step!



I voted for you all contests :)

BTW I already made this you know?

I got stuck at the picture 19

Look what I maaaade!!! On the bus with my time table! Thank you for the instructable!!!!!

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Yaaaay! That's awesome, I was afraid no one would be able to follow what I was trying to show but that looks great! Thanks for sharing :D