Introduction: Origami Box With Wings... the Evolution!

Picture of Origami Box With Wings... the Evolution!

So... it has been a while since I made an instructable... Oh well please go easy on me.

Step 1: Enlightenment

Picture of Enlightenment

Are you tired of your plain old origami box(or paper water ballon)?

... I have nothing witty to say...

Lets get started then


nothing fancy just a piece of paper

Step 2: The Fun Begins! Water Balloon Base

Picture of The Fun Begins! Water Balloon Base

This is sort of like making the orignal paper box

Follow the pictures and captions(yellow boxes) they help alot

oh yeah, remember to crase your folds. you can use the face of your nails or the handle of as pair of scissors.

Step 3: Water Balloon Base Part 2!

Picture of Water Balloon Base Part 2!

Follow the pictures and captions

and by the way this may be confusing for beginners

Step 4: Water Balloon Base Part 3 (almost Done)

Picture of Water Balloon Base Part 3 (almost Done)

fairly simple process(to me at least)

remember to follow the pictures and captions

Step 5: THE WINGS!!!!

Picture of THE WINGS!!!!

This is the hardest part(or most confusing) Just look at the pictures. They're your best bet to make this thing 'cause I'm terrible at explaining things.

Part two will probably make it clearer

so refer to part two before you do this if you want

Step 6: Wings Part Two?

Picture of Wings Part Two?

You know the drill people... Look at the pictures.... The pretty pretty pictures

Btw Part two is just like  part one.... 

You just need to mess around a bit with this in order to understand what is going on

Step 7: Wings Part Three (and Four?)

Picture of Wings Part Three (and Four?)

Flip it over and do it again!!!!

Step 8: And Blow?

Picture of And Blow?

I used a toothpick and picked the insides till it looked like a box...

Step 9: Sorta Late?

Picture of Sorta Late?

I was eating some garlic chicken when i began editing this project.... 2 years ago?

By now the garlic and the chicken would have returned to the earth....

I ditched the project for a while cause well....

I forgot my log in ._.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little intructable(me telling you to figure it out yourself) Please RATE and COMMENT if you want to say something to me or give suggestions on improving any of this crappy instructing....



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