Picture of Origami Box with flaps
Yes, this is another origami box...but this one has flaps! Or, if you prefer, wings. This is my first Instructable so feedback is nice. :)

Step 1: Make a square

Picture of Make a square
This step shows you how to make a square from a sheet of printer paper. If you already know how to do this, skip this step.

[Pic 1] Start with a regular sheet of paper. It doesn't matter how big it is, as long as it has right angles.
[Pic 2] Fold any angle up and across to make a triangle. match up the edges and crease. (The pencil shows the edge of the paper...it was hard to see in the lighting)
[Pic 3] Flip the whole thing over and fold the rectangle that's not included in the triangle back like shown.
[Pic 4] Now cut the fold you just made off. You can also rip it off if you know how to rip in a straight line like i did. You should end up with picture 4.
[Pic 5] You don't need the small rectangle, throw it away, keep it as a bookmark, or doodle on it.
qtran4 years ago
It was really useful and funny ^^"
The pictures were reallly clear, and so was your description:]
I put my paper stars in there....AND BOB=D
theikitty4 years ago
what happened to the middle?
Thankyou for this very well explained project. I enjoyed making it.