With a few pieces of paper and some clever folds, you can create a multitude of different boxes to hold everything from snacks to coins. An origami box can also be a creative way to present a gift. This guide includes 10 of my favorite origami boxes that'll hopefully become favorite's of yours too!  
Origami Triangle Gift Box style
Getting a gift in a handmade triangle origami box is sure to make the recipient smile. You can make one of these box using just 6 pieces of paper and a few folds, no glue or tape required.  If you ca...
Origami Square Gift Box style
Making a beautiful origami box is easier than you may think. I love to give gifts in these because most the time people like the box so much that they consider it a gift in and of itself.  If you c...
Triangular Modular Origami Box style
This is a quick and simple modular origami box. Even a complete beginner to origami should be able to make it without any problem. Though simple, it does make an attractive little box that's great f...