video Origami Chinese Star!
Learn to make a chinese star out of a piece of paper. Super easy and fun!
ajones633 years ago
My star came out AWESOME!!!! Thanks...my son is now running around the house thinking that he is a ninja!!! hilarious!
oni5 years ago
Just so you know its japanese not chinese
batmankicks4 years ago
throwing stars were used in feudal japan but by ninjas and ninjas were probly just chinese people fleaing the country but becme very powerful over the years with their 18 skills of ninjustsu including Shurikenjutsu or projectial use
i like it! awesome!! ^_^
rjrollins5 years ago
can you slow it down a bit I can't the part that you put them together
its easy! just insert the folding ends INTO the holes of the opposite side's..