Picture of Origami Christmas Tree
In order to get a little festive and in the Holiday spirit.
I decided to fold an origami Christmas Tree(: 
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Step 1:

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Start with the color side down.

Step 2:

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Fold the bottom corner to the top to make a triangle. 

Step 3:

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Then unfold.

Step 4:

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Take the bottom tip and meet with the middle crease.

Step 5:

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Then flip it over.

Step 6:

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Fold the left tip across to the right tip.

Step 7:

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now take the tip you just folded from the left and
fold it so that the right slanted line meets with the left vertical line.

Step 8:

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Then it over to the opposite side & do the same fold but reversed (left to right.) 

Step 9:

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Then repeat the fold again.

Step 10:

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Flip over and repeat again. 

Step 11:

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Then you'll do the fold again till it looks compact like this.

Step 12:

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You can now open it up slightly and you have half your Christmas tree.(:
Just do it to another sheet of paper and tape them together

Step 13:

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Well Hello Cute Christmas Tree(:

Step 14:

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Oh Yeaaa, and here is the solar structure used to light up the tree.
imajem3 years ago
List the parts and explain this lighting business, please!!! Not everybody knows what that is....
chipper353 years ago
Simple.....nice.....good! I'd like to see a bit more,though, pertaining to that little circuit.