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Follow and Fold my Origami Classic Box. We only need one sheet of paper to fold one box. However, if you want to make a gift box you need to sheets of papers. That's just creating 2 boxes.

Step 1: A Few Basic Folds

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First start by making a triangle 2 times like this

Step 2: Second Step

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Now take the 4 corners and fold it in the center of the paper

Step 3:

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Now fold all the 4 edges to the lines like this

Step 4: Almost There

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Unfold the paper like this

Step 5: The Box Walls

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Now make a wall like this

Step 6:

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Collapse the paper like this

Step 7: Just About Done But One More Thing

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Fold the top corner down to make a wall

Step 8: And We Are All Done

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Now the box should look like this


sixsmith (author)2015-08-16

thank you! I'd forgotten how to make these, used to make them all the time. to make a lid for the box you can just make another box with a slightly larger sheet of paper.

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