Origami Claws





Introduction: Origami Claws

Step 1: Do a Hamburger Fold and Open Paper Back Up

Step 2: Fold the Paper Across Leaving a Tiny Bit of Space at the End

Step 3: Fold the Top of the Paper Down to Make a Triangle on Top of the First Triangle

Step 4: Fold the Bottom Left Corner Inwards

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Right Corner Inwards

Step 6: Fold the Bottom of the Paper Inwards Creating a Triangle

Step 7: Flip the Triangle 180 Degrees

Step 8: Fold the Right Side of the Triangle to the Crease We Made in Step 1

Step 9: Fold the Paper Over Again

Step 10: Fold the Paper One More Time and Flip the Paper Around

Step 11: Fold the Top of the Littler Fold

Step 12: Tuck the Folded Piece in to the Little Slot

Step 13: Fit Your Finger in to the Slot at the End

Step 14: So There You Have It Your Own Origami Claws



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    By the the way I'm just about to make a new instructable

    I remember making these back in middle school. Thanks for taking me back. I had a blast making them.

    nice but It's a "hotdog" fold, not a hamburger fold.

    These would be a great addition to a costume!