Origami Creations by a 4th Grader!





Introduction: Origami Creations by a 4th Grader!

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Hey everyone! I used to love making things out of origami but then I slowly stopped. I created some amazing things back when I was in 4th grade, watch the video! I also have a slideshow of everything in this video on my website. Please visit farmhobbies.weebly.com.



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    I would not have the patience to make that dragon.

    cool, i never knew modular stuff when i was in 4th and 5th grade. all of those were made from modular origami which is fairly simple but kudos to the kid for creating things i never could at his age.

    I might make one but i'm not sure yet.

    Lol Cranebow.

    no problem!


    I really like modular origami since you can make complex mathematical shapes quite easily. I'd like to see how you made the polyhedrons.

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    Thanks! I'm going to make a how-to on one of polyhedrons that wasn't shown in this video. But first i'm going to do a how-to on other things. It'll take me a couple months for the how-to to be made. Anyway did you rate? =)

    DUDE, that's AWESOME, I subscribed to you, on condition that you'll post more of this stuff: Fived and Faved too.

    Mr. M

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    THANK YOU! I'll definitely make more soon, although each one of these takes about 20-30 hours...