Picture of Origami Cup/Hat
14, 9:36 PM.jpg
Origami is not one of my strong suits, but this cup/hat is very easy to make. You can use it for Barbies or other toys, and you can make them when you a bored.
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Step 1: Fold In Half

Picture of Fold In Half
14, 9:19 PM.jpg
First, you need a post-it note or another type of square piece of paper. Then fold it in half so you have a triangle. (It's best to have the sticky side facing out when using a post-it note) Then, turn the triangle to look like the one in the picture.

Step 2: Fold Up The Corners

Picture of Fold Up The Corners
14, 9:19 PM.jpg
Next, take the two bottom corners and fold them up about half way to the top point.

Step 3: Fold Down The Top Corner

Picture of Fold Down The Top Corner
14, 9:19 PM.jpg
Finally, fold one side of the top corner down, and flip it over, and do the same to the other side to look like the photos above.

Step 4: Optional

Picture of Optional
If you don't like the pesky folds sticking up you can always glue them down with stick or liquid glue.
Xenia1232 months ago

I made them as I was younger called "Fez". Thank you! How was the first pictured blanket made?

Bacon_Girl_Gamer (author)  Xenia1232 months ago

Oh, I bought a kit online and you just have to tie all the squares together. They call it a knot-a-quilt and they are really fun to make!

jessyratfink2 months ago

Super cute!