This decorative mask is perfect for devil worshipping origami enthusiasts, or for those of you who would just like to decorate your home for Halloween.

I have included origami diagrams, detailed instructions and a video.

(Note:Some of the images may be recycled from my previous origami instructable).

Step 1: What you need


You can use any paper that you like; origami paper, printer paper, tissue paper etc. I like shiny paper; if you don't have any you can use the wrapper from a chocolate bar.

If you are not using origami paper or paper that is perfectly square you will need scissors to cut it.

Making a square
To make a square from a rectangular piece of paper, fold the bottom left corner up to meet the top edge and cut off the bit of paper that is left over (see images below).
Here is my devil mask! I usually like challenging models, but this was too cute to not make :) Notice in my photos how I added a couple details, like the nostrils and the curled brows and horns, and I tapered out the beard :D
That looks excellent, nice job. Thanks for posting!

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