Origami Dollar Bill Space Shuttle





Introduction: Origami Dollar Bill Space Shuttle

This is a space shuttle that I made on a road trip to Minnesota. It is about 1.75" long, 1.5" wide, and 1" tall. It is made out of a 20 because I did not have any 1's with me at the time.



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    Hi there,
    I am so thrilled to have found a paper model of the space shuttle. It is truly lovely! My son, (6) and daughter and I travelled from London England on 5th July so that we could be at Coco Beach for the last launch.

    If I could possibly trouble you to show me how this is made, that would be amazing. My son has just returned to school last week and the deal I made with the Head Master was that we would do a pre-prep assembly (amplified show and tell) when school returned. In the second year of formal schooling there is a space discovery project, so the school are thrilled that one of the boys went to see the last launch. I remember vividly being taken to the assembly hall to gather around the one television in my entire school to watch the first shuttle launch and it is a precious memory and no better way to affirm that America is indeed the land of the free - and on a day such as today, my sympathy for your loss, but my full respect and admiration for your country rising again and standing taller than terror.

    I know it must be awfully time consuming for you to do stages etc, and photograph them, but it would be the most fabulous way of the children getting to hold a model and even possibly create them at the assembly - I'm sure i can
    get the IT chap to beam up your PDF for us to follow on a screen.

    The show and tell is this Friday. You will be given full credit I assure you.

    Many thanks in hopeful anticipation.

    Anna, Jasper (and the students of Hall Grove School!)

    would you be able to make an instructable on this?

    how did you do it i am very courious
    Sorry about spelling

    About 3 hours, more or less. Thanks!