Using three or four bills you can make a modular flower.

Step 1: Fold in half

Picture of Fold in half
Take bill and fold lengthwise.
RiuChan4 years ago
I don't get step 6 The picture, is kind of hard to understand.
In step 6, its just folding step 5 in half.
Now all I need is money.
BCZF4 years ago
You can iron bills..Put the iron on the low setting then you'll be able to crisp them up. Bills have a high fabric (cotton?) content, so they wont burn too easily unless you leave them under to high of a heat.
zascecs5 years ago
I suggest not using a $100 bill. It would really suck if the flower got lost. 
zascecs zascecs5 years ago
Aha, now I see that it is educational money. But you should still follow my advice... 
beccawee5 years ago
This is really cool! I have to say I got much better results when I used crisp bills. It was hard to see which direction you were holding the bills in picture #8, but looking at the completed pictures helped with assembly. Great job!
comodore6 years ago
I don't understand what the heck you do in step 8 and onwards...! Please post more pictures or describe more! Thank you!
Kaiven comodore5 years ago
You simply tuck the triangle flaps into the back of the modular pieces.
comodore Kaiven5 years ago
Kaiven comodore5 years ago
I'm pretty sure that is all that you have to do.  In the photos, each piece has a flap and a hole.
gibsonlp966 years ago
hey... umm i dont know if its just my pc or not, but there is no picture for step 5. If there is and it is just a pc problem, ill look into it, if not and there really is no picture for step 5, then adding the picture might be helpful. Thanks.
cedison (author) 6 years ago
Here's a few more pics hopefully that clarifies any questions
hey! this is kind of......REALY confusing. could you make a vid? it would help ALOT!!!!!!!
cedison (author)  s0meth1ng0re0ther7 years ago
Somethingorother-Unfortunately I don't have a video camera, but if you have a specific question I could answer it or add more pics. Can you tuck it into the pocket like the pic shows?
on step 8 you could put another picture its kinda hard to see
cedison (author)  darthdarth46 years ago
Maybe these will help. I have a vid on flickr of the assembly, but I need to find it. Evidently I didn't tag it.

it might be good to take another picture, its a tad difficult to see just how you are holding it.
Same here. I don't know what the heck's going on in that picture.
could you please put a different picture on for this part?
deedeedee97 years ago
it is confusing only because the makers of the video go too fast and you cant really see what they are doing . Other than that it its a prime example of how an origami video should be
deedeedee97 years ago
Robert Lang made a flower like but it is made with 3 bills. there is a vid on how to fold it, but it can be confusing at times...
cedison (author)  deedeedee97 years ago
This is a link to authorized directions for his flower from MAKE. His design is very different and in all honesty much better in that it can lay flat as it has a hexagonal base and it is most likely stronger. I can't comment on how easy it is to make yet as I havn't done his design yet.
inquisitive7 years ago
Really lovely, I want to make a bouquet for an gift in a vase. Great for leaving tips too!
That's really cool. I might do this when I am bored in class or something, I always have a lot of 1 dollars bills on me. Nice job.
That looks amazing
Are those real 100-dollar bills?
cedison (author)  HardCoreHacker7 years ago
Thanks Bumpus got it right. The first image is with actual $20 bills, but I had spent it before I took photos so I used National Geographic Instructional money to make the instructable. It is about 30% smaller and prone to tearing, but the correct proportions.
in step two, it says educational money