Step 10: 9

If you want to give him a tie or buttuns, do it now because it looks weird when its on tape.
cool your paint pics are pretty good<br>
this instructable is awesome. i subscribed to you. you deserve it.
this is so cool... i had no problem following the images. nice ible.
You don't need to use a note, you can just use 15 1/2 cm by 6 1/2 cm piece of paper(see I'm nice, I did it in centimeters!). My mom said I couldn't use the camera or video camera, but if I can get her to change her mind, I'll redo all my Instructables.
At least get a picture of the finished product rather than using diagrams made in paint... Other than that it looks kind of fun, need to adapt it to a fiver note because we don't have singles in UK...
Agreed, definitely needs photos, maybe even a video.
Seems reasonable, a video would be good for such things... I've gotten good responses from adding a simple demonstrative video...

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