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Introduction: Origami Dream Stars

About: well here i am, i like anything home meade like jewlrey. im also interested in manga and graffiti though im too ##### to really do any.

this is a old and popular japanese origami star. you write whatever you want to wish for, or your dream or aspirations in it and it will bring you good fortune, or fortune to whoever you give it to (please comment on this, but be nice, and if there is any incorrect information in this please tel me)

Step 1: Get the Right Ratios

for a origami dream star you will want a strip of paper (coloured if wanted) with the ratio of 1/22 so 1cm one way 2cm the other way. i used a highligter to colour in some printer paper. the paper shouldnt be to thick or flimsey.

Step 2: Knot It!

now you want to take the paper and put a knot in it as close to the end as possible. you want to be cearful with this not to rip the paper while doing this.

Step 3: Nip/Tuck

now you want to fold the smaller tail inwards and tuck it into the little pocket that it's connected to. this should give you a nice little pentagon (count them five sides).

Step 4: Folding and Repeating

now you want to take the longer tail (the only one there so it must be the longest one) and fold it over, along one of the edges of the pentagon, then you want to fold over to the other side of the pentagon and then again along the other edge of the pentagon. repeat as many times as needed untill tail is smaller than one of the lengths of the pentagon

Step 5: Tuck Again

now take the little nub of a tail and like before fold it over and tuck it into the little pocket

Step 6: Press and Finish

now what you want to do is hold the "star" like in the picture and with your thumbnail press one of the sides inwards to puff the star out. then repeat with the other sides, and then voila, you have a dream star.
make the paper as straight possible, and make shre no sides are tapered.
if a tail wont fit in a slot cut the edge just a bit so it will.
mkae thousands of the things, their addictive and relaxing, also its cute and women love them (not meaning sexism im juts going by a genral thing)

Step 7: Ideas and Accomplishments

heres just a place to put ideas and thinmgs ive done so far (over the course of 2 and a half days)
it's popular to put them in jars or bottles, hundreds of the li'l blighters. i fill my pockets with them and hand them out to my friends, especialy the japanese freaks love them povely "chibi stars". i made like 105 out of a book (my idea, steal if you want but i was the original founder of the idea also if they're made out of newspaper my idea too)
make them out of fantastic colours, make jewlery with them, or string them together on thread and needle, ideas are endless!
the pictures are as follows:- the first one is of a bottle filled with the stars made out of the book, the second one is the STARt of a jar filled with many coloured ones, the last picture is of the jar's contense.



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    where do you buy the paper star paper thing please tell me

    For people having trouble with the paper dimensions, you can cut 16 strips from a square sheet of paper for this...I usually take the printer paper, fold a triangle (you know, so that the bottom edge comes up the side), and cut off the excess rectangle at the top. This leaves you with a reasonable square, 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Then fold the square in half and each half in half, and so on, until you have 16 strips across the rectangle. When I was growing up, these were the instructions given on a pack of origami paper. The strips that are 1/16th the width of the length of the paper make the best stars.

    You can also buy premade 'star' paper strips from all sorts of little Asian shops....I've gotten them in literally every color under the rainbow.

    Good luck!

    Thankyou so much, i have you and only you to thank for this instructable...
    I am rubbish at origami but this, this is something else now i am in love with origami thankyou so much !
    Just a little tip to anyone who tries this out , when you start folding the bigger strip of the star over the mini pentagon try to keep it loose and don't crease the star, that way when you have tucked everything in and started squishing you will get a star that is actually poofy and doesn't look like my failed attempts at a five pointed flat paper shape.
    Please don't take this instructable off instructables because it is the simplest and easiest one to follow.
    Once again thanks for posting this little samurai.
    Happy folding!!!

    My third grade teacher used to make these and then give them to us if we were good.

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    I wish my teacher did that.

    i'm guessing you're abot 16 nice cream star. i'm going to hang it up in my room when i get home!!! Thank you so much for vid iv'e been all over the web looking for this thing then i come here and ( ) poof i find it! ( )

    1 reply

    I cant believe you think hes 16 by the looks of his hands i think hes 13 or 14 but then again my hands are pretty big for my age

    so your basically wrapping it around in the same direction

    :o pertty :D where can i find the pretty color papper? :3

    Awesome my friend made me one of these but refused to teach me how to make it so i looked it up and found this ^-^

    ummm... 50!!!

     I made hundreds of these using gold gift wrap.  We scattered them on black tablecloths for a New Year's Eve party several years ago. Looked great. Everyone loved them. I took my supplies to work and hooked everyone there on making them too.  Helped me to get enough to decorate for a party for 250 people!

    100! or... !))

    i cant figure these out

    i dont get this can yuh explain more thnxs

    hehe I've made about 400 so far. I think I make about 15 stars every 20 mins. I also recruit my girlfriend(s) to help me.

    Oi Oi. You can just cut strips 11.5 inches long. don't have to waste the rest of the paper using the diagonal. I'm working on a project using stars. I've got about 200 made so far....I think I'll need 1500, I'll send you a message and make sure to link this 'ible in mine. You can also use the paper that wraps disposible chopsticks when you go out to eat.

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