This origami model I read in a book, and know it by heart. If done correctly, this thing can fly -- a smooth, sweet glide is its main specialty, though I bet some people can tweak it so it does more intricate maneuvers. This is a more intermediate design, so know a bit of origami tongue to perform this accurately. This is my fifth Instructable. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Water Bomb bird

Picture of Water Bomb bird
All right, make the Water Bomb base. I've gone over the basic bases enough to get sick of retelling them, now. If you can't follow the crease pattern to make this, check out my other instructables or find someone who cares enough to show you how (Internet or otherwise). If you nag enough, I might make an instructable for every base, just so I don't have to do this anymore.

Step 4: Shaping the head

Flip the model over and pull the bottom corner up -- this should take along some other paper as well. Let that be your guide and pull it up as far as it takes for the fold to reach the corners opposite the other. fold what is now the top most tip behind the model, then crimp it back forward (To visibility). Fold the edges of this as close to the middle as you can, which really doesn't have to be that close.

Step 5: Finsihing touches

Picture of Finsihing touches
Fold the whole thing in half, then bend the wings down as far as they will go. Push in the end of the tail to put a fine taper on it and take it back out -- then it's ready to fly. . . Or whatever you wanted to do with it.