Step 6: Materials (alternate Way)

You will need:
~ Origami crane or flower, go to step 2 for the crane or follow the link in step 1 for a flower.
~ Round nose pliers, I just use the tip of my crimper
~ Head pins (I don't suggest eye pins, you will have to crimp) Be sure to straighten them out before use.
~ Earring hooks
~ Earring backs
~ Beads for decoration
~ Safety pin/needle

Head pins are pictured above. Notice the flattened end...
This is sooo cool
I'm so glad to find someone else who does this as well! Just a few things I like to do to make my life easier... <br> <br>I prefer to string my cranes onto head pins or eye pins rather than beading wire. It's a bit sturdier, and there's no need for crimp beads at all. And if you want to put a charm on the bottom, all you need is a head pin. It's pretty great. <br> <br>I find that the paper does not hold up to the elements very well as is. So I went to the craft store and found clear acrylic glossy spray. I like to make my cranes in bulk, string them on some thread with a bead stopper on the end (or just a bead to stop them from falling), and take them out back and spray the heck out of them. It has been suggested to spray them twice, but I think once is just fine. I guess you wouldn't have to do this with the foil paper, but I prefer working with washi anyway. <br> <br>These look great! Thank you so much for sharing.
I do use head pins... but I realized that after I made the 'ible... <br>And also I use Mod Podge to harden them up!<br>Too bad I realized these afterwards... Oh well!
great work :)
great idea! this would work with any simple origami (Bunnies for Easter!).

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