One of the biggest animals on earth has just been reduced to the size of a piece of paper? This Instructable will show you how to make your very own origami elephant using origami paper or a piece of 8x10 cut to square.

Step 1: Getting the Right Paper

You need origami paper or a manually cut square from a 8x10 sheet of paper like I did.
To begin lets make the basic folds first, fold the paper in halfs both diagnol and horizontal, vertical.
For some reason I find it funny that an elephant is made with a bird base. :) He looks really good, though.
<p>I know its just like a crane at the beginning! :D</p>
Very true, Horton Hears a Who. :D
I made one with a sticky note
awesome!!! sooooo cute
I made this from a 2inch square piece of origami paper...it ended up tiny tiny and I definitely didn't have space for a tail or two bends in the trunk!
Heres my extra small one, i used 2inch this time like you did but with notepad paper! I got the tail and the trunk, try this type of paper its easier to fold and better creases so it wont be so thick. Try it! :) I FORGOT THE EYES :O He is momentarly blind lol
Woah! Thats Awesome! Thanks for making it, im gonna have to try and make one small as yours!
Cute elephant! Can't wait to see more of your origami tutorials.
Thankyou! I will be making more soon.

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Bio: I will share whatever I made! I will not be on here that often anymore, but I will check in when I can.
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