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Introduction: Verticees: the Following Work No Longer Exists

About: Welcome to Verticees Papercraft. I am specialize in paper model design. You can view all my work at my website:, or at my Etsy shop, Thanks for viewing!

Due to a lack of relevancy/old age, the following work: "Origami 5 Intersecting Tetrahedra" was deleted. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you wish to see current works by Verticees, please visit



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    Thanks! That'll help anyone else who'd like to make this!

    looks confusin my brother used to thos stuff

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    Yeah its pretty confusing. Building the parts isn't the hard part, it's putting them together that requires the patience.

    Nice job! I like building things with origami myself and i like to do harder and harder things (Things i do are simple so i like a good challenge)

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    Hi dozer,
    I like origami too! Maybe you could send me some pictures of the stuff you've made!


    I once saw one of these (in a book) made from dollar bills. Now that I have a color copier and some YouTube videos I need to give it a try. Great job!

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    Great! Good luck! Send me a picture of your finished one if you make it!

    Wow! I have been waiting forever for rimar2000 to comment on one of my instructables!
    Thank you so much!

    Your response is an honour for me, innovator007, thanks. But you have entered to Instructables January 06 2013, that is not much time. I am not so prodigal with praises.

    I know i am a beginner, which is why is I am so honored to have you commented on my Instructable! I never thought that one of the "pioneers" of Instructables would comment on one of my works!

    Well, I don't see myself as a "pioneer". Instructables interested me since the first day I saw it. I enter to the page many times each day, using ALL RECENT option. Obviously, I can not read all instructables, so I "discard" sewing, cooking, "cool", and others. I open these I suppose could be interesting for me, and often they are VERY interesting, well designed, well done, clever, etc. Only in these cases I put a comment (although rarely negative).

    These are so cool. Takes me forever to figure out how to assemble one.

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    They are very hard to make! Have you tried to make one? If you have, I would be happy to see a picture!