This is a really easy flying saucer that really floats a little bit if you spin it in the air kind of like a frisbee, but not try to throw it.

Step 1: Beginning

Fold your paper (it needs to be big) in half both ways.

Step 2: Fold Corners

Fold all the corners into the middle and flip the paper over.

Step 3: Fold OTHER Corners to the Middle

... Fold the other corners to the middle

Step 4: Fold (little)

Fold all the inside corners a little ways to the middle. It doesn't matter how far, just make sure they are all equal. Make them stick straight up.

Step 5: Fold

Fold the corners to the edges of the little corners and unfold them a little bit. Flip over.

Step 6: Again...

Just like before, fold the inside corners out a little bit. Again, make sure they are all even.

Step 7: Finished

Good job! To make it fly, spin it in the air.
<p>i made 10 of this</p><p>10 colours:</p><p>1)light green</p><p>2)dark green</p><p>3)light yellow</p><p>4)dark yellow</p><p>5)blue</p><p>6)orange</p><p>7)dark pink</p><p>8)redish orageish pink</p><p>9)light pink</p><p>10)white</p><p>\</p>
<p>so cool</p>
<p>Looks cool! I want to try it.</p>

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