Introduction: Origami Fortune Teller

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You will need a square sheet of paper

Step 1:

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Fold the paper into a triangle

Step 2:

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Fold the other side into a triangle too

Step 3:

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You will end up with an x fold on your paper.

Step 4:

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Fold all four corners into center.

Step 5:

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You will end up like this.

Step 6:

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Turn paper on the flat side. Fold four corners again.

Step 7:

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Fold paper in half.

Step 8:

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Fold in half again.

Step 9:

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And you're done!!


amandarn321 (author)2016-08-30

Great job!????

Dspear (author)2016-03-15

Nice folds - how do you use this as a "fortune teller". Maybe add a couple of steps ?

wold630 (author)2016-03-15

Nicely done!

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