Origami Freakin' Freddy Kreuger Claws


Introduction: Origami Freakin' Freddy Kreuger Claws

All the materials needed are rectangular or square sheets of notebook or printer paper. Other paper may work, but it is not recommended and may end in an explosion or contraction of AIDS. I personally used AP Lang essays and notes, because the very defintion of upcycling is turning trash into something actually desirable! This is opposed to recycling, in which I would probably make said paper into new paper to make more trash AP Lang work.

Step 1:

Fold the paper into a square. If you started with square paper, congratulations, you spoile parasite to society, you get to skip this step!

Step 2:

Fold your square into a triangle shape. If you started with triangle paper, seriously man, what are you doing with your life?

Step 3:

Fold it around and tuck the end in and you have a gosh darn Freddy Kreuger Claw, which you can use to dazzle your friends and in your next upcycling project/crappy halloween costume.



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    Wow, that sounds like a very fun build, probably very creepy to fiddle around!