Origami Frog


Introduction: Origami Frog

About: I like flying, tinkering, origami, engineering, art, camping, life hacking, winning souls for Christ, and getting things to work the first time around.

This cool little frog was in my page-a-day calendar. Enjoy!

Step 1: 1-6

Follow the pictures in order:

1. Start with a water bomb base.

2. Fold the bottom edge up to the edge.

3. Fold the flap in half.

4. Fold the back flap down.

5. Results.

6. Unfold everything.

Step 2: 7-Finish

7. Accordion fold the bottom as shown.

8. Accordion fold all of the corners.

9. The frog-shape.

10. Lay flat.

11. Fold the legs thinner.

12. Fold the back legs as shown.

13. Open up as shown.

14. Pop open the body to give it dimension.

Your finished!

Step 3:

Step 4:



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