Picture of Origami Square Gift Box

Making a beautiful origami box is easier than you may think. I love to give gifts in these because most the time people like the box so much that they consider it a gift in and of itself. 

If you can follow the steps based off the pictures then don't bother reading the text, it's only included to help if you get stuck. Honestly writing about how to fold origami is not easy at all and there's a reason why most the time it only has diagrams and very little text. 
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Step 1:

Picture of
-8 pieces of origami paper, 4 foil sheets for the lid and 4 sheets for the base

Step 2:

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This box is made of a lid and a base. In order for the lid to fit on the base without deforming, the base has to be slightly smaller than the lid. To do this, two side of the square need to be cut off. You can mark the edges of the paper then use a ruler to draw lines so you know where to cut. The pictures show how I marked my paper and the cut lines. 

Once you have the 4 slightly smaller sheets you can fold the same way as the the units for the lid. 

Step 3:

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Fold the paper in half and unfold.

Fold in half the other way and unfold. 

Step 4:

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Bring the bottom to the middle crease line and fold. 

Fold down the upper left corner to the middle crease line. 

Flip the unit over. 

Step 5:

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Bring the top edge over to the left side and crease then unfold.

Re-crease the middle fold on the bottom on the unit. Bring down the top part to make a unit like in the last picture. 

Fold all pieces of paper like this. 

Step 6:

Picture of
Connect the units by inserting into each other as shown. I find it easier to attach two and then attach the halves together. Flip it over and close the white flaps up like you would a moving box. 

Connect the pieces for the base the same way then cover with the lid.