Origami Hat for Pets





Introduction: Origami Hat for Pets

This tutorial will show you how to to make an origami hat for your pet.


  • 1 piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper
  • 1 stapler (with at least 2 staples)
  • 1 rubber band

Step 1: ​Fold the Top-right Corner of the Paper Down As Shown in the Image.

Step 2: Fold the Bottom Strip Up to Form a Crease Along Which You Can Tear.

Step 3: Tear Along the Fold. You May Want to Fold the Flap Back and Forth Until It Becomes Easier to Rip.

Step 4: Keep the Square Piece of Paper. You May Discard the Rest.

Step 5: If Your Paper Is Not Already in a Triangle Form, Fold Along the Existing Crease to Make a Triangle.

Step 6: Fold One Corner From the Solid Side to the Point of the Open Side.

Step 7: Repeat With the Other Corner.

Step 8: Fold the Flaps Up From the Creased Side to the Tip of the Open Side.

Step 9: Your Hat Should Look Like This:

Step 10: Fold the Corners Out As Shown Below.

Step 11: Your Origami Should Look Like This:

Step 12: Fold One of the Flaps From the Bottom Up So the Tip Is Near the Middle of the Upper Triangle.

Step 13: Fold Upward the Remaining Section of the Flap You Just Folded So That It Fits Flush With the Rest of the Upper Triangle.

Step 14: Flip Over and Repeat Steps 12 and 13.

Step 15: Open the Hat and Re-fold It So That the Lower Left Tip Is on Top of the Lower Right Tip.

Step 16: Your Hat Should Now Look Like This:

Step 17: Fold Up the Bottom Corner. This Will Cover Up the Staple That Will Hold the Rubber Band in Place.

Step 18: Flip Over Your Hat, Repeating on the Reverse Side.

Step 19: Open Your Hat Again. It Should Look Like This:

Step 20: Hold the Rubber Band on the Inside of the Side of Your Hat As Shown in the Image.

Step 21: Staple the Rubber Band So That the Staple Can Be Covered Up by the Flap on the Side of the Hat.

Step 22: Repeat on the Other Side.

Step 23: You Can Place Your Hat on One of Your Pets or Use It As a Decoration.

Step 24: Enjoy!

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I don't have any pets but I am balding so I'm going to make one for myself!

i didn't do the rubber band part, but my pet stuffed animal really loves it! thanks!

making bigger hats 4 my friends 4 their birthday. can't wait 2 c their faces

Before, my cute little Mittens had no sense of fashion. Now he is fit for zeh ball! Daddy is proud.

Does not work. Cat refuses to cooperate.

I made it!!!!!! So cute! I put it on my guinea pig and she looked so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great instructable!!!!

This is what it is supposed to be used for: