Origami Helicopter





Introduction: Origami Helicopter

An origami helicopter made out of gum wrappers.  The rotor was made from the inside wrapper that holds the sticks in place in a 15 pack of Five gum.  All the rest are wrappers off the sticks.  I chew different kinds - that's why there are so many colors.  The rotors - main and tail, both spin freely and won't fall off even if you turn it upside down.  The steering wheel spins 360 and the windshield wiper goes back and forth.  I wanted to make the windshield wiper powered by the rotor somehow.  Maybe next time.   This is my first helicopter - let me know what you think.



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    That's not origami! Ya it's friggin awesome but its not considered origami. Origami is Japanese for paper folding in which they fold paper into things. No glue no adhesives at all.