Picture of Origami - How to make a claw
Here is jow to make a fast and easy claw with every step!
Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Piece Of Paper

Picture of Piece Of Paper
Step 1:
For this step, I will make it easy.
All you need is a piece of paper.
tindala5 months ago

So cool!

Riverfire2 years ago
Thanks for tutorial. Everyone at my school knows how to make them but me, teachers let you wear them as long as they didn't attract attention or are used as weapons.Now I finally can make them.
P.S. perfectly explainable plus they're fun kid crafts.
Originally my friend taught me how to make these, but you made it much clearer. P.S. I f you bring these to school be prepared to either make more, or get them confiscated under the category "weapons". But anyway, you did an epic job on those claws... NICE!
LOL. totally true. once i taped some pencils to a strip of duct tape on my hand, got it confiscated cause it looked like a weapon >:O
hugamo673 years ago
if you coat them in duct tape and use them upside down, maybe put them on athe fingers of a short glove, and cut some sheet mettle to put on the glove, you have got yourself some pretty sweet brawler weapons.
wolverineeee!!!!! <3
hparmeter3 years ago
go bang somethin
what do you mean by fold it 3 times, like, fold it over and over?
Yes my friend! over+over+over...
an11534 years ago
Already knew how to make it pretty cool though :D
coolo524 years ago
thanks this was very easy. i took them to a lake and some guy yelled whoa and asked me where i got the claws. by the end of the conversation the five a had were his
Thanks you made it real easy for me :D
jrenomeron4 years ago
thanks dud its very easy
mahloblin4 years ago
Totaly cool man these things are nice
UGGGGGGGG4 years ago
i tried it and made a paper squirrel
thanks man really good instructions nice and easy to follow
OrigamiGurl5 years ago
you could of just stapled it!
wardude1265 years ago
those are good throwing knives. I threw them at my friend
i have been trying to remember how to make these so thanks for posting this on instructables.
i made 2 gauntlets a few months ago using paper claws however i used a different design. i'll post a few pics it's quite cool.
tytyjul976 years ago
im going to connect them all and paint it red.
koga wolf6 years ago
violence is not the answer ............................ unless your mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made a full set of ten, painted the ends red, and used them as part of a costume for a haunted house. good directions.
This is an awesome instructabled i might try to fit these in to next years halloween costume. Favorited and 5d
Ward_Nox6 years ago
that first shot is fairly nastly looking or would be if youd used foil
Well your real nice, thats the best shot that i got. Well anyways, i am sorry about the picture!
nasty in a good way like in metal on a Villain=awesoem
ZiggyZaa (author)  Ward_Nox6 years ago
okay, thank you
ZiggyZaa (author)  Ward_Nox6 years ago
sorry, mochalover22 is my sisters account and it was logged into her account and i had no idea!!
craig36 years ago
Could you make step 6 q litter clearer please? like which corners do you fold over and what not
Um well you fold the one that is already folded over, you have to fold it 3 equal times