Origami - How to Make a Claw





Introduction: Origami - How to Make a Claw

Here is jow to make a fast and easy claw with every step!
Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Piece of Paper

Step 1:
For this step, I will make it easy.
All you need is a piece of paper.

Step 2: Fold It Over

Step 2:
Now for this step you take the top left corner and fold it over untill it touches the right side of the paper. (Or you can for the right side to the left corner like I did.)

Step 3: Two Small Triangles

Step 3:
Now fold the two corners at the bottom up so it makes them into two little triangles.

Step 4: The First Folded Part

Step 4:
So now that you folded that, do you remember the first fold you made? Now all you have to do is fold that into another smaller triangle.

Step 5: Giant Triangle

Step 5:
Now this part is hard to explain so I will try my best. Take the two small triangles from step three and fold them over to make a giant triangle, it should look like the picture.

Step 6: Fold Times Three

Step 6:
Fold just like in the picture but fold it three times.

Step 7: Fold It In

Step 7:
In this picture take the right side and fold it into the little pocket on the left part.

Step 8: What It Looks Like

Step 8:
This is what your finishing claw should look like!

Step 9: Finger

Now this is what it should look like on your finger - it was a little to tight for my pointer finger so I would rather put it on my pinkie instead.

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30 Discussions

I'm sorry, i just don't get some of the steps

Thanks for tutorial. Everyone at my school knows how to make them but me, teachers let you wear them as long as they didn't attract attention or are used as weapons.Now I finally can make them.

1 reply

Originally my friend taught me how to make these, but you made it much clearer. P.S. I f you bring these to school be prepared to either make more, or get them confiscated under the category "weapons". But anyway, you did an epic job on those claws... NICE!

1 reply

LOL. totally true. once i taped some pencils to a strip of duct tape on my hand, got it confiscated cause it looked like a weapon >:O

if you coat them in duct tape and use them upside down, maybe put them on athe fingers of a short glove, and cut some sheet mettle to put on the glove, you have got yourself some pretty sweet brawler weapons.

Already knew how to make it pretty cool though :D

thanks this was very easy. i took them to a lake and some guy yelled whoa and asked me where i got the claws. by the end of the conversation the five a had were his

i tried it and made a paper squirrel

i have been trying to remember how to make these so thanks for posting this on instructables.

i made 2 gauntlets a few months ago using paper claws however i used a different design. i'll post a few pics it's quite cool.