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Warning this is a hard origami

Step 1:

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Get a rectangular piece of paper. It doesn’t matter what the dimensions are but the larger the width the thicker the framework will be and the larger the height the larger the origami will be. (The height must also be larger than the width)

Step 2:

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Fold the piece of paper in half hot dog style than unfold it

Step 3:

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Fold both sides of the paper to the middle line

Step 4:

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fold the top of the right flap to the edge of the paper than undo the fold

Step 5:

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fold the entire left side of the top edge to the fold you created on the right side(look at the picture if you don't understand)

Step 6:

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fold the right side over the left than unfold it

Step 7:

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fold the upper flap down to the fold line than undo it

Step 8:

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unfold the left side than inverse fold it on the same line(look at the picture)

Step 9:

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do the same on both sides

Step 10:

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make 29 more of these exactly the same(30 in total)

Step 11:

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to put them together insert one side into another then fold the flap back to lock it in place

Step 12:

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piece three together into a triangle

Step 13:

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build off of the triangle and make this

Step 14:

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than make 6 of these arrow shapes

Step 15:

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attach three of the arrows to the sides of the big triangle shape

Step 16:

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attach the remaining part of the arrow to the next corner for all three

Step 17:

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attach the remaining three arrows to start closing the top

Step 18:

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use the last three remaining pieces to finish the origami


tomatoskins (author)2016-12-08

I've always wondered how these were made. Thanks for sharing!

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