Introduction: Origami Icosidodecahedron, No Need for Glue

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Hi, this is my first instructable so apologies if this confuses anyone :)

No scissors needed, or glue, or paper-clip or....well any other type of fastener because the interlocking folds do job perfectly. Great ornamental pieces that can be hung up or turned into a lamp, try using different colours, sizes and patterns.

Paper squares (30)

~1.5-3hours depending on size.

Btw sorry for the terrible resolution pictures, I dropped my camera in a peat bog so I had to use my phone instead.

Step 1:

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Making squares. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. Experiment with different sizes but this size makes a small hand-sized ball.

Step 2:

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Step 3:

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This is the base of one module.

Step 4:

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You have to make 30 of these to make the ball shall, if it took you along time to understand it, have fun!

Step 5:

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Some trial and error may be used first time, but the general idea is pentagon, triangles on pentagon's sides.

It looks great on fireplace or windowsill or strung up on a ceiling, I normally put LED lights inside to make it a lamp.


murali.s (author)2013-04-16

Very nice and thanks a lot. I tried it out and did come beautifully. I am planning to stake one inside another for a lamp shade. Let me try it out and if it comes good I will get a picture of it and share it here.
While doing the modules I realize in step 2 substep 3 and 4 is not needed. Those pictures or step did not help me really.
Once again thanks a lot for sharing this.

the-police (author)2012-12-10

That's awesome, I'll have to try it sometime.

rimar2000 (author)2012-05-22

Very nice!

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