Picture of Origami Jumping Frog
1. Get a piece of paper.
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Step 1:

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2.  Fold the piece of paper in half and unfold it.  Then grab the top corners of the paper and fold it to the edge of the paper and unfold

Step 2:

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3.  Next fold the paper backwards where the diagonal creases meet.

Step 3:

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4.  Grab both sides of the paper where the horizontal crease is and fold it to the middle then flatten it out.  Your paper should look like the second image afterwards. 

Step 4:

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5.  Fold the upper two triangles to the top point.

Step 5:

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6.  Fold the sides in to the center line.

Step 6:

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7.  Fold the bottom of the paper up so that the end sits at the center of the top diamond.

Step 7:

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8.  Now fold the same part of the paper you just folded down, in half.

Step 8:

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9.  Turn it over and you have your frog.

Step 9:

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Snapshot 1 (1-21-2012 10-45 AM).png
10.  To make your frog jump press down at his back as shown in the first image and let go.