Introduction: Origami Lamp

Picture of Origami Lamp

Material you need:

1) One large sheet of paper, the sizeof the paper needs to be 1:2 (width/length) ratio,

2) Glue

3) Large size empty bottle

4) Paper cutter

5) Thread

6) LED ligiht source (or any small wattage light bulb for safety concern)

Step 1: A Quick Gothrough (will Update the Detail in the Future)

Picture of A Quick Gothrough (will Update the Detail in the Future)

Follow the pic's order to fold the pattern.

Once done the folding, you need to use glue and stick 2 edges of the paper together to form a lamp shape.

cut the top half empty water bottle and place it into the paper lamp.

Drill a hole on the water bottle's cap.

assembly cable and light bulb to the paper lamp.

Try to find place where you can tight thread onto, so it can be hanged to the spot you want to.

Enjoy the origami lamp.


gracecopplestone (author)2017-01-30

Does anyone have a rough idea or example of the size of lamp that a particular sheet size produces? E.g. how big will the lamp be if I start with a 2ft x 1ft sheet?

Paige Russell (author)2016-04-29

This is so beautiful - and a simple solution for securing lamp hardware. Nice work!

Scottcole (author)2015-05-26


TenaciousBalloonFox (author)2015-04-18

This design is very similar to the origami magic ball is it not?

and it is not original.

don't know what is called, i made it with reference to tutorial on internet.

vonronge (author)2015-01-25

Can I be the first to say fire hazard?

alcurb (author)vonronge2015-01-25

Nope. You can hang an omnidirectional LED lamp inside the bottle. Then cut a few vent holes for extra safety. That said, I agree with you that even a small wattage incandescent bulb or the brighter fluorescent twisted bulb might present a thermal hazard.

jake_lee_1105 (author)alcurb2015-02-09

Thanks for reminding :-) , LED should be a better choice for the safety issue for this project .

Star forest (author)vonronge2015-01-26

i agree with. ..

hilda janice (author)2015-01-25

nice to see.......gonna try!

hilda janice (author)2015-01-25

nice to see.......gonna try!

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