Origami Lotus Flower

Picture of Origami Lotus Flower
An awesome origami project that is easy and looks really cool.
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Step 20:

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Step 30:

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skipp 6 and bend 7

Step 32:

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now start bending up  the seccond row of yellows in the same sequense
jphanord2 months ago
I wish they had a comment picture button so I could show you guys how well mine came out
jphanord2 months ago
I wish they had a comment picture button so I could show you guys how well mine came out
jhornor1 year ago
This looks really cool, but no offense, this isn't real origami. Origami uses nothing but paper and folds. Nonetheless, it's a cool project. I just wish you didn't call it origami.
Blechmen (author)  jhornor1 year ago
How is it not origami?
Juventas1 year ago
Really nice! To cover the rubber band, I added a mirror. I really like this, thanks!
ravijdutt1 year ago
the best of the best
ygupta12 years ago
what size will it be finished?
Blechmen (author)  ygupta12 years ago
What do you mean?
MicioGatta2 years ago
I love this flowers. I've made a lot of them!

I found this online some years ago and did it with my 3rd grade pupils to be put on the ceiling of our classroom, you can see them (very little) in the photo of the classroom, near the cats' shadows:
I've used a long green string so I can use it to hang the flower.

And then I did another more or less 200 to complete the ceiling of two classrooms:

fiori di loto.jpg
Blechmen (author)  MicioGatta2 years ago
Omg that is so awesome! that is so cool thanks for sharing.
mturtle2 years ago
amazing lotus flower man!!!
Blechmen (author)  mturtle2 years ago
Danny14333 years ago
Rhi-Rainbow3 years ago
Is this 13.5 cm or inches?
Blechmen (author)  Rhi-Rainbow3 years ago
Blechmen (author) 3 years ago
to make it look even more cooler you could put a frero rocha in the middle so then you dont see the in side
ChrysN3 years ago
Blechmen (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
thank you it probuly looks hard but its not

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