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Introduction: Origami Mini Book

Miniature origami books. Need I say more? These books can be made under 10 minutes if made correctly, and they can be used as decoration or you can put then to use. Although thhey have only 12 pages to write on, its made with no cuts, glue or tape. It is a small little achievement for those us who cant make a rocket or a nuclear based timer - clock. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Supplies & 1st Folds


a. Find yourself some origami paper. You dont have to have it, but it'll make your life a whole lot easier. The thinner the better, although this can be done with printer paper. I used 8 & 1/2" square paper from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You are looking for the kind with color or patternes on one side and white on the other.

b. Lay the paper white-side up. This will be the pages' color in the book. Make 3 valley folds (so it makes a valley if viewed from the side) to divide the paper in 4.

c. Make 4 mountian folds between each fold you made in b. this will divide the paper into 8ths.

d. Turn the paper 90 degrees so the folds you just made are horizontal. Make 2 valley folds, dividing the paper into thirds.

e. make 3 mountian folds, each between the folds you made in d. you should now have it divided into 6 sections.

f. you should have a total of 48 sections. Be sure to leave the paper in the same position as the last picture.

Step 2: 1st Complex Folds

a. Make valley folds where you see the dark lines.

b. Fold the large and small flaps down at a 90 degree angle.

c. This will probally be the hardest part of this instructable. You're going to fold the folds you mase in a, and in step 1. It should collapse, and form what you see in the last picture.

Step 3: Finishing the Book

a. On the 'long' side, fold the 2 flaps on either side over.

b. Open it back up, but not all the way.

c. from the third picture, fold the bottom flap up twards you. (pic. 4). Do the same again, flip the flap up over itself. so it looks like the 5th picture.

d. If you open the sides ever so slightly, you will notice little flaps. Tuck the paper in front of it into those flaps.

e. Collapse the book, so it looks like the 9th picture. fold the 2 white flaps over and flatten it very well.

f. Now, fold over the blue flaps, AT THE SAME TIME, so that it is not distorted. flatten this whole thing VERY WELL. When you're done, you should get something similar to the last picture.

Step 4: The Cover

Ah, just about the last step. The cover will take a lot less time than the book. You'll need to use a Piece that is 75% the size of the paper you used for the book.

a. Make 2 diagonal mountian folds, with the colored or ptterned side face down.

b. Fold all the corners to the center.

c. Fold a third of the square over, being just a bit longer than the geight of the book.

d. Fold the bottom half up.

e. Tuck the bottom flap's corners into the pockets in the top half. FLATTEN.

f. make 2 small folds, 90 degrees, to make what you see in the 7th picture. This small gap should be the same thickness of your book.

g. fold the 2 long flaps over, about halfway, to make the book cover. Slip it onto the book and you're done!

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Wow. That sall I could think when I first made this. you might want to put the book under some pressure so that it does not flay 'open' all the time. This was my 1st instructable, and hopefully not my last. If anyone out there makes one, i'd love to see you post a picture of it. See yall 'gin soon!!!



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    you should make a video. and you shold make better pictures. i dont undrestand at all

    maybe this is the video.

    really really sorry but i don't know how to make it

     that vid makes no sense to me. when they folded the little triangle and it went over the paper mine lined up with the paper (1:38). also when they started folding it into the little squares mine folded into triangles... (2:19)

    Hey guys! I found an easier version for this mini book. Heres the link. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tBgpLhtZHkw

    it's to hard. I crumpled my paper . :(

    Mine looked great!
    Gotta go make 10 more covers that each have the title of a famous book!