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Make a cool origami ninja star by using these 4 easy steps. Become a true ninja by knowing the art of origami and having one of their weapons!

But seriously, you have to know how to make one of these. They're awesome. Go!

Step 1: Gather Your Material

Picture of Gather Your Material
Sheet of paper. All you need. Well, maybe a pair of scissors, or your hands, for ripping/cutting. Whichever you prefer.

NOTE: Skip step 2 if you have a square sheet of paper already.
This was great but I think you went wrong on one bit the picture I don't think it was meant to be there.
compacho3 years ago
Great explanation of every step with nice photos too.
this explains really well on pic notes
greengraff4 years ago
fine.....very nice
its too hard with those pictures you need to simplify it.I will try it now it looks really fun and does it fly?
I`m confused
 i am very confused on what to do for picture 6. please do explain more.
novakfor3 (author)  homemovies645 years ago
Of what step?
error395 years ago
This is very very very confusing !!!
novakfor3 (author)  error395 years ago
What are you confused with?> I will be glad to help.
chomper965 years ago
novakfor3 (author)  chomper965 years ago
In what way?
Halo nerfer5 years ago

novakfor3 (author)  Halo nerfer5 years ago