Make a cool origami ninja star by using these 4 easy steps. Become a true ninja by knowing the art of origami and having one of their weapons!

But seriously, you have to know how to make one of these. They're awesome. Go!

Step 1: Gather Your Material

Sheet of paper. All you need. Well, maybe a pair of scissors, or your hands, for ripping/cutting. Whichever you prefer.

NOTE: Skip step 2 if you have a square sheet of paper already.
This was great but I think you went wrong on one bit the picture I don't think it was meant to be there.
Great explanation of every step with nice photos too.
this explains really well on pic notes
fine.....very nice<br>
its too hard with those pictures you need to simplify it.I will try it now it looks really fun and does it fly?
I`m confused
&nbsp;i am very confused on what to do for picture 6. please do explain more.
Of what step?
This is very very very confusing !!!
What are you confused with?&gt; I will be glad to help.
In what way?
TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> <br />
Thanks!<br />

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