Origami Ninja Star





Introduction: Origami Ninja Star

Cool origami throwing star.

Step 1: The Square

Take a sheet of printer paper or note book paper and make a perfect square. Fold it in half and tear it along the crease line.

Step 2: The Tricky Part

Fold each piece in half long ways. Turn them so the open side is facing down. Now place them like so in the picture and fold the corners up.Now take the big part and fold it up st the sides are flush. Flip it over and once more. do the same with the other piece. Now fold the begging corners and ending corners to the center.

Step 3: Assembly

After you have finished the other one, put the to pieces together. Make sure the open slits are on the outside.(see picture) Now tuck the corners into the slits on both sides.Flatten all the creases, pick it ou and have fun!



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me to i gave up i was almost finished T.T

same here

Thanks for being kind bro. /sarcasm

i have a better way of making it. and it flies better

yes a did mine is not that hard to do it

I never got past the first page. The photos gave me complete instructions.

Wow, awesome. I've been wanting to know how to make these for a while!

This confusing step tw0 picture 10

this is the most confusing thing ive ever done on this web site n trust me ive done a lot of things on this website

if you got how to do this by following these stupid, cofising, not comprehendable instructions you must be a genius

2 replies

I AM A GENIUS I FIGURED IT OUT!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

just kidding i loved how mine turned out

i agree except on one thing instead of being a little bit more clearer b a lot more clearer

just kidding it was so easy to do nut it was a little bit unclear