Cool origami throwing star.

Step 1: The Square

Picture of The Square
Instructable 2 004.JPG
Take a sheet of printer paper or note book paper and make a perfect square. Fold it in half and tear it along the crease line.
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PYRO MAN974 years ago
I gave up
me to i gave up i was almost finished T.T
same here
AWESOME!!! ive been trying to find out how to make these!
be more specific tard brain
Thanks for being kind bro. /sarcasm
dflame1234 years ago
im f**king done
dotingangel6 years ago
thanks a lot i needed this
i have a better way of making it. and it flies better
yes a did mine is not that hard to do it
hanelyp5 years ago
I never got past the first page. The photos gave me complete instructions.
resendiz5 years ago
Wow, awesome. I've been wanting to know how to make these for a while!
noob665 years ago
This confusing step tw0 picture 10
AtL265 years ago
this is the most confusing thing ive ever done on this web site n trust me ive done a lot of things on this website

if you got how to do this by following these stupid, cofising, not comprehendable instructions you must be a genius
I AM A GENIUS I FIGURED IT OUT!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
AtL26 AtL265 years ago
just kidding i loved how mine turned out
EpicZombie5 years ago
mike956 years ago
be a little more clear please /11
AtL26 mike955 years ago
i agree except on one thing instead of being a little bit more clearer b a lot more clearer

AtL26 AtL265 years ago
just kidding it was so easy to do nut it was a little bit unclear
Kench936 years ago
Sorry, but it could be improved by making the last steps a little clearer. But then again, it might just be my stupidness :p

Very good otherwise, very clear and mostly understandable =D
AtL26 Kench935 years ago
sure u must be a genius cuz i ddnt get not one bit of it it was the most harrible intruction ive ever read you myust have been loooking at somethin different cuz these intri=uctions were uncomprehendable

no effence
AtL26 AtL265 years ago
just kidding
AtL26 AtL265 years ago
just kidding
dodo916 years ago
AtL26 dodo915 years ago
AtL26 AtL265 years ago
just kidding
bingo1155 years ago
awsome thing i made it looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thebigone486 years ago
i am really confused how do i do this
hamish806 years ago
do not cut on on the crease cut it in half
i put staples on the ends of mine to help it spin better an i put some staples in the center in a square shape to add weight. I'm not sure if it worked but it looks pretty cool.
hmmm . . . maybe attach drawing pins/ thumb tacks kinda thing? they would be fun >8D
i like it and the instructions are good. so why i shoukdnt give you 5 stars?:P
zox2186 years ago
these are HORRIBLE directions! you need to describe more.
go to mines it better then this sucker

josefu07 years ago
check out my shuriken
trust me you want to make it a 5
Flumpkins7 years ago
this is horrible. 0.5 for pointless
worthless I mean
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