Origami Paper Corsage





Introduction: Origami Paper Corsage

Ahhh...Spring is in the air and we are rapidly entering the season of Prom. While you're busy stressing who you'll go with, or what your dress will look like - never fear. I've got the corsage covered. 

...but srsly LOLZ omg i hope that boi frm homeroom askz you 2 ~!pRoM!~ DU U TINK HE WULL?!?!

Step 1: Get Your Papers in Order

I hit up my local Japanese paper goods store for the origami paper, but many other craft stores carry it, too.

For this project you will need:
  • Origami paper (5 sheets per flower)
  • Green electrical tape 
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue

Step 2: Start Making That Flower

For my corsage, I used a simple Kusudama flower. But there are plenty of other great origami flower's out there, so feel free to mix it up!

And, sure, there are many steps to this simple flower, but by your 5th petal you'll have them memorized. Promise.

Start with your paper colored-side down.

Step 3:

Make a fold along one of the diagonals. 

Step 4:

Fold the two outer corners to meet at the center

Step 5:

Now fold so the inner edge of one side, meets the outer edge. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6:

I call this the "smoosh" fold. Take your finger and place it in one of the pockets. Now squish the pocket down so two of those creases become the outer edges. (look at the picture to see what I mean)

Step 7:

Fold down corners, as shown.

Step 8:

Fold the outer flaps in half

Step 9: Glue Into a Petal

Get your glue - it's time to finish this petal!

Simply apply a thin layer of glue to those two outer folds, and press them together. Hold for a bit, and voilà! You have one of your petals

Now, repeat 4 more times.

Step 10: Glue Into a Flower

Once your petals have set, place some more glue along the inner edge (see picture) and press petals together. Close the flower off with your 5th petal.

Sit back and admire. (make a few more if you're feeling ambitious!)

Step 11: Add the Stem

Your flowers look great! Let's get them ready to wear.

Your pipe cleaners should easily slide down the center of the base of your flower. Slide it down only a centimeter and wrap a bit of the electrical tape around the base. 

Step 12: Don and Prom!

You're all set! Wrap the pipe cleaner around the wrist of your sweetie, and tape to the flower. 

Once you've done the obligatory pose by the fireplace, hop in that limo, hide the flask, and get ready to dance the night away!



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What size square do you use ???

These are so cute. I hot-glue a few to a piece of cardstock and gave it to my mom for mother's day. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

Well these are just beautiful! You have so many interesting things on your page!

My mom loved when I gave her a vase of these! This was a great idea for mother's day.

i used to did it when i was young
wake me of my childhood memory.

Very nice.....

Re: downloading the PDF

I've been able to download it successfully in both Chrome and Firefox. If you're having some problems try switching browsers