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Introduction: Origami Paper Flowers

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Follow along to make these easy origami flowers! They are very simple to make, and you will have a full bouquet in no time!

Step 1: Cut Your Squares

I used 3" x 3" squares of paper cut from old magazines. I like using magazine paper as it gives a little "texture" to the flowers. You will need five squares per flower head you wish to make

Step 2: Start Folding!

Make your first fold! Fold your square up so two corners are touching

Step 3:

Next, fold the two corner points up to the top middle point

Step 4:

Then, fold your two top points out to the side

Step 5:

This step is the hardest to describe, you need to open up the two side flaps and fold them flat so it looks like you have three equally shaped parts. ** this step is actually very easy once you get it! Keep at it until you have it down :) **

Step 6:

Fold down the two tops of the side flaps

Step 7: Last Folding Step

You are almost there! Fold your two side parts in half in towards the middle

Step 8: Create One Petal

Hooray! You have finished folding!

Bring the two sides together to make a petal and secure with a little piece of tape

Step 9: Create Your Flower

Once you have five petals, secure them all together using double sided tape (or glue) to create your flower!

Step 10: Make a Beautiful Bouquet

Secure lots of flowers together to create a beautiful bouquet. It looks great and it never needs watering!



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I've always found these a little confusing to fold, but your instructions are wonderful! :)

So cute! I like how they look made from magazines. Gives really good color variation without feeling like too much of a pattern.