Origami Paper Star


Introduction: Origami Paper Star

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Diy video tutorial on how to may your own origami paper star. Great for Christmas decorations. Make several different sizes and string them up as a garland. Use old book pages to give it a rustic look. And why not add a little glitter?

Material :

  • square piece of paper

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    Hi Renarde, I really want to try making some stars for Christmas gifts, thank you for your clear instructions, the paper looks great and the glitter a nice touch!

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    Thanks Jennifer. I ended up stringing all the different sized stars together as a garland. I put it on the Christmas tree last year, but then decided that I liked it so much I would keep it up all year long over one of my doors. Have had many compliments.

    Very nicely done! I've wondered how to fold a five-pointed paper star in the past; now I know how. Thank you! :)

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    Thanks seamster. I hope the french didn't throw you off.

    Nope, no language problems :)

    The video was perfectly clear!

    you gave me a 1 month pro membership!!!! i don't even know what that means, but i feel very very priveleged. btw...digging your ibles.


    That upgrades your account so you don't have to see any ads. It's just a little way to say welcome to the site! :)

    You can get more pro membership codes anytime you post a project that gets featured. Check out the featuring guidelines to see what is required to be featured. Cheers!