Introduction: Origami Paper Tulip

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today i will show you to make a lovely, easy paper origami tulip which you could make and have fun with hope you enjoy this and have fun making

Step 1: Folding in Quarters

Picture of Folding in Quarters

first using one sheet of square paper fold in half and again till you get 4 boxes

Step 2: Folding Diagonal

Picture of Folding Diagonal

next you fold the opposite sides diagonal and unfold

Step 3: Folding Into a Triangle Shape

Picture of Folding Into a Triangle Shape

then fold the corners of the paper to make a triangle shape

Step 4: Folding Into a Diamond

Picture of Folding Into a Diamond

after get the first layer of he triangle and fold up to the point of the triangle ,turn over and repeat on the other side

Step 5: Slotting Pocket

Picture of Slotting Pocket

next you get first layer of the diamond and there is a slot in each of the sides then place one side in the the other sides slot and repeat on other side

Step 6: The Hole

Picture of The Hole

now you would have a pyramid shaped paper on the top is a point with a hole

Step 7: Blowing Up the Tulip

Picture of Blowing Up the Tulip

now you simply blow through the hole at the top until you get the shape

Step 8: Final Product

Picture of Final Product

finally you end up with your final result a beautifuly made tulip and to add final touches roll up a piece of paper and put it through the hole to make a stem hope u enjoyed this make!!!♥

Step 9:


wold630 (author)2016-04-11

It's such a cute flower! Perfect for spring!

diyhaafizah (author)wold6302016-05-22

thank you! and it is suitable 4 easter

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