What You Will Need

1: 2 Sheets Of Paper Any Colour And A White square 15cm x15cm
2: A Ruler
3: Scissors
4: Glue

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Step 2: Fold Some More

Picture of Fold Some More

You Will Have Two Corners Overlapping Each Other
Fold The Corner Up In Half Then Down In Half, Making New Folds Each Fold
Fold The ~ Corner Up Along The _------
\ _------ /This Edge Wants To Be Along The Top Line
\ /This Edge Wants To Be Along The Top Line
\ / This Edge Wants To Be Along The Top Line
Here Up ~
You Will Have A Pyramid Hanging Off The Edge, With The Long Side On The Bottom Fold Vertically In Half, So The Right Side Lays On The Left
Repeat On The Other Side
Then Unfold All The Way

Step 3: More Folding

Picture of More Folding

Fold One Third In (Two Lines In)
Fold The Other Corner (One Third) On Top
Fold The Littel Corner Up (As Seen In Third Photo)

Step 4: Keep Folding

/ \
/ \

As Seen Above Mountain Fold Where The/ \ Are (That's About Life Size)
And Repeat On The Other Side
Pinch Below The Middle Of The Point On Both Sides And Push In

Step 6: Now The Card

Cut The Second Piece Of paper 30cm x15cm
Fold It In Half And Unfold
Fold The Four Corners In
Then Fold The Two Points To Touch Each Other
Put The White Square in (As Shown In Photos)
Fold In Half

RJM2001 (author) 1 year ago

If You Can't Understand The Steps Please Let Me Know ASAP


RJM2001 (author) 1 year ago

I'd Like To Say Thanks To All The People For Clicking The Favorite Button While I'm Still Working On It.